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This is an interesting design. It is the first (and I think only) wall reflection ambigram created by me that is actually not symmetric visually and yet reads the same word in a mirror (so it is symmetric at a deeper level)!

The funny thing is that it actually looks like an algebraic equation with a left-hand-side and a right-hand-side, separated by something that looks like an “equal to” sign (actually more like an “equivalence” sign). Also, a typical algebraic equation though separated by an equal-to sign actually has different things on both sides (they are same and yet not the same – which is the whole point!). It is the equality of these two different things (y on one side and x on the other) that allows us to compute and solve the equation. This design captures this idea since the left hand side is NOT the same as the right hand side (visually speaking) and yet IS the same at another level (alphabetically speaking). Same and yet, not the same. How cool is that.