Beauty (The lie in the eye)

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Many years ago, when a student of Visual Communications at the Industrial Design Center in India I created, just for fun, a little book called “A2Z: The Dictionary of Design.” This little book took common words in the designer’s vocabulary and came up with funny (occasionally), silly (usually), and stupid (occasionally) definitions. This book was printed as part of the first Design Degree Show (back in 1992) and was also reprinted as a poster a few years later. A version (stuck in time) can still be found on my website here.

One of the definitions I came up with (and one that I am quite proud of) was for the word Beauty. 

Beauty: The lie in the eye of the beholder.  

The design below attempts to beautifully (and I say that ironically) capture this idea of the “Lie” in the “Eye.”


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