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Einstein is known for his theory of relativity. This is often taken to imply a world-view that suggests that a person’s point of view determines what they see and experience. Though true to a certain extent, Einstein regretted his decision to give it that name, arguing instead that it should have been called the theory of invariance. As

As Arthur Miller said in a letter:

Albert Einstein was unhappy about the name “theory of relativity”.  He preferred “theory of invariance”.  The reason is that [one] cornerstone of his 1905 theory of relativity is that the measured velocity of light is the same (invariant) regardless of any relative motion between a laboratory and the source of light.  What Einstein feared came to pass when the popular catchphrase of his theory became “everything is relative.”  It was snatched up by people not acquainted with the scientific context, who regarded the theory as evidence in support of their own social views. (quoted here).

This design for “Einstein” is invariant even when rotated by 180-degrees! So what you read is dependent on your perspective but funnily enough it stays the same!