Goldbach’s Conjecture

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Two poems on Goldbach’s conjecture. The first just describes the conjecture but gets the history somewhat wrong, which is corrected in the next one.

Goldbach, a mathematician, serious and stern

Many years ago noticed a pattern

He wrote, to Euler, the math genius

Here is something, he said, to excite us!

I have seen, he scribbled, with my imagination

That every even digit

(except two, which doesn’t fit)

Can be broken into a partition

Of two primes which add

To the original even digit

(Now, Euler, don’t fidget!)

But isn’t that totally rad!

Now since that day this simple thesis

Remains just that, a hypothesis

Forcing number lovers to lose their slumber

As they try to prove, primes in pairs can add up to any even number.

(Two is the exception, as we said before

Which is, come to think of it, a bit of a bore).