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What is a better word to create a reflection ambigram for – than the word “Reflect.” I created the first version of this design many years ago and had it up on my website. I received an email from Richard Powers, novelist and MacArthur fellow, asking permission to use it in a talk he was giving! This was an incredible honor, given that I was, and continue to be, a huge fan of his writing. I wrote to him a gushing note of thanks with an apology for not creating a better design! He sent back a extremely wonderfully gracious note pointing to how artists (including him) are never fully satisfied with their own creations! (The very fact that someone I respected so much even deigned to compare his work to mine still blows me away and speaks to his kindness and generosity of spirit.)  Many years later, I updated the design for the series of articles on mathematics and visual art that I was writing with Gaurav Bhatnagar. I wish I had done that earlier :-)