Palindromic Poetry

Palindromic Poetry is poetry that reads the same read forward or backward. I got bitten by the palindromic poetry bug many years ago when in graduate school. Over the years others have shared their work with me as well—and oftentimes their work is far superior to mine. Here they are (in no particular order).

  1. Falling Snow
  2. answer the question
  3. time travel
  4. who wrote this poem?
  5. the medium
  6. staring at
  7. side
  8. reflecting on reflections
  9. novice palindromist
  10. nothing
  11. me as i sit
  12. i can
  13. get it
  14. death
  15. Dark first, then light
  16. Correspondence
  17. chiaroscuro
  18. Bungee jumping & all that
  19. again facing death
  20. palindrome acrostic
  21. ‘our glass
  22. A waiting
  23. 3 on thought