A special thanks to

Sandra Sawaya: For making this all happen: the website, the exhibition, everything.

Gaurav Bhatnagar: GB, a friend since high school, is the guy who keeps me mathematically honest. Without him there would have been no columns in the At Right Angles journal and no exhibition.

Denice Blair: For walking by my office one day and imagining an exhibition where none existed. She planted the seed and watered and nurtured it till the end.

Teresa Goforth: Teresa listened to our ideas, smiled her lovely smile and made things happen— at extremely short notice. I am amazed at her (and her team’s)  ability to pull things together.

Matt Koehler: I owe Matt much more than the code that makes the designs on the deep-play.com website reflect and rotate. He is the yin to my yang, the ballast to my hot air. Enough said.

Shailesh Shirali & Sneha Titus: Editors of At Right Angles, for taking a risk on GB and me. Their acceptance of our whacky ideas led to the columns that led to this exhibition.

Rohit Mehta: Rohit figured out how to make this website work, among other things. I have made demands on him above and beyond what is expected and he always came through.

Jon Good: Jon’s our 3D guy. He put in hours figuring out how to make some of my designs look real.

Kari Jones, Vince Brown & Jonathan Gere: For volunteering their time and artistic talents to constructing some of these designs.

William Cain: For all his help in setting up the technology for the exhibition gallery walk-through.

Stephanie Palagyi: For her help with the MSU Museum website and the press release.

Danah Henriksen: For helping create the media kit.

Kelly Hansen: For designing the exhibition panels.

Mac Credeur, Amanda Rzotkiewicz, & Kaitlyn Coryell: For fabrication and installation of the exhibition.

The College of Education & Department of Counseling, Educational Psychology & Special Education at MSU: For creating an intellectual home that has allowed my explorations in research and art to flourish.

Shreya, Soham & Smita: For tolerating my idiosyncrasies and making it all worthwhile.

Thanks are also due to Doug Hofstadter, Scott Kim and John Langdon: For inspiration. I am not half as good as they are but it is their brilliance and excellence that has pushed me to try harder to master this art-form.

Creative icons credits

Eye designed by SuperAtic LABS from the Noun Project

Impossible Square designed by Piotrek Chuchla from the Noun Project

Approximately Equal designed by Jason D. Rowley from the Noun Project

Wave designed by SuperAtic LABS from the Noun Project

Handshake designed by Sam Garner from the Noun Project

Television designed by John Caserta from the Noun Project

Gallery designed by Shai Rilov from the Noun Project