Through the ‘Cosmos’: Beauty and Aesthetics in Science Education and Popular Media

A study of the television-based documentary series Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, involving analysis of the general scientific discourse presented in it to examine the ways in which science as a discipline and scientists themselves were portrayed in an aesthetic light.

Tech Trends Columns on Creativity

The Deep-Play Research Group write a regular (every other month) column for the journal Tech Trends, focusing on issues of creativity, thinking, and learning – often in the context of education and technology.

Novel, Effective, Whole – Creativity Rubric Research

This is an ongoing research project centered on defining creativity, and evaluating or measuring it in the products of student work.

SITE – Creativity Special Interest Group

We have recently been granted a special interest group on the topic of creativity with the Society for Informational Technology in Education. This SIG is chaired by Dr. Punya Mishra, and co-chaired by Dr. John Parks and Dr. Danah Henriksen.

On Looking – Using Google Glass to Capture an Expert’s View of the World

This ongoing project is aimed at collecting a series of videos produced using Google Glass, to capture the ways that expertise in different disciplines affect how people observe the world around them.

Distraction, Attentional Failure, and Creativity

Research on distraction in relation to scholarship and technology has significantly burgeoned in the last few years. In large part, this majority of research on distraction and attentional failure has leaned towards a negative orientation, and associated problems like diminished attentional control, hindered cognition/retention, and hampered productivity.

21st Century Skills Research

This project is intended to gather information about educators’ perspectives on 21st century knowledge frameworks.

We Teach Who We Are: Trans-disciplinary Thinking among Exceptional Teachers

This qualitative study is an investigation of these creativity and trans-disciplinary thinking among highly accomplished teachers.